Our team is dedicated to serving you and making your experience at Faith Deliverance International Ministries rich and rewarding. We are sold out for God and our passion to proclaim the Gospel can be seen in everything we do. We hope that our words and actions point to Jesus. Faith Deliverance is proud to have an amazing team of ministry workers with a common goal and vision to support our goal of reaching souls for the Kingdom. 



Pastor Othniel James was born and raised in the sunny island of Jamaica, Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth. He was born to Pastor Marcell James and Sis Cynthia James. Growing up as the middle child of five other siblings provided for many adventurous moments and opportunities.
While under mentorship from his Uncle and apostolic giant, Bishop Dr. Ivan Evans, Pastor James served in the kingdom extensively in tent ministry and the intercessory team. During this time he also dedicated himself to evangelizing in communities across the country. This further exposed him to witnessing many miracles.
Pastor James was blessed with a job opportunity that took him away from Santa Cruz to Spanish Town, where he met the love of his life, partner and friend- Maria. Together they are devoted and loving parents to Chanah-Danae and Zachary. In 2007, Pastor James and family migrated to Canada. They served in ministry at Mount Zion Apostolic Church (MZAC) under the leadership of the late Bishop Cecil O. Ricketts and later Bishop Colin L. Cawley.
While serving as a minister at MZAC, Pastor James was often asked by the late Pastor Hazel Hanson to assist at Faith Deliverance International Ministries (FDIM). His service at FDIM allowed for a lasting friendship with the late Pastor of FDIM. After her passing he was asked to serve as the new Pastor for FDIM.


Minister Michael Hanson was born in Toronto ON, he has two brothers and one sister. They are the blessings of the late Dr. Pastor Hazel Hanson and his father Silbert Hanson, who he loves dearly. Minister Hanson loves the Lord with all his heart. He contributes that to his parents as he was raised in a Christian home all his life.
Minister Hanson is an ordained Minister, and Assistant Pastor of Faith Deliverance Int’l Ministries. He also holds a post-secondary education as an Architectural Technologist and is currently working in the renewable energy sector.
On October 3, 2009, Minister Hanson was united with Sherisse in Holy matrimony. Together they are proud and devoted parents of their two sons, Noah and Isaiah.


Elder Junior Brown was born and raised in the beautiful island of Jamaica. He moved to Canada in 1990, where he united with his awaiting wife, Norma. He was baptized in 1986, and received the infilling of the Holy Spirit, shortly after coming to Canada. Together he and his wife have 3 children. 
If you asked people to describe Elder Junior Brown in one word, that word would be humble. As Jesus instructed his disciples to be in the world, Elder is as wise as a serpent but as tender and gentle as a dove. 
As a newly retiree, Elder enjoys taking aquatic fitness classes, going for walks, and being in fellowship with the brethren at church.


Matthew is a young man with a passion to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to people from all walks of life. He currently serves in ministry as an ordained Evangelist at our local assembly. He was born right here, in the city of Toronto.
Matthew is happily married to his wife Jodi-Ann and a proud father of three beautiful children. He enjoys spending quality time with family and friends and is often sought out for godly counsel.
Matthew currently works in the Mental Health and Justice Field as a Community Mental Health Counselor. In his role as a counselor, he has supported individuals through a variety of complex life issues such as: Homelessness, Addictions, Severe Mental Illness, Human Trafficking and diverse criminal charges.
He also possesses a Masters in Professional Counseling and Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing. During his down time, Matthew enjoys playing basketball, soccer and a good game of table tennis.


Born and raised in Jamaica, Evangelist Kelly moved to Canada in the late 80’s for a better life. She was saved a few years before moving to the country. She is married to Minister Albert Kelly, with one son and let us not leave out her beloved grandson.
While still in Jamaica, she studied Accounting at a commercial school. Before opening a Caribbean restaurant in Toronto, Evangelist worked with The City of Toronto in the Health Care Industry for 19 years. In her recreational time, Evangelist likes to read, meditate, pray and do research.