I Samuel 1:1-20

I know persons may be asking how this reading relates to our period of fasting but there is a strong message for all of us to learn from this beautiful passage of scripture.

When we know with all our heart (“yeah, not some all”) that the solution for our desperate situation resides with only one person, we will call, write, bang down the door if necessary, to get the help we need. We will only act in this manner when we are convinced that the solution is with only one person.

The Bible shares with us several accounts of various individuals whose deep faith that God was their only Source of help caused them to “bang the door” of heaven. Their prayers were fueled by their total trust in God and Him alone.

Hannah was one such individual who along with her husband were childless for nineteen years, during which time she prayed for a child to no avail. It was only when her husband exclaimed, “Why aren’t you eating? Why be downhearted just because you have no children? You have me—isn’t that better than having ten sons?” that Hannah realized he no longer had any hope of her having a child.

Hannah then poured out her heart to the Lord, convinced that only a miracle would enable her to have a child. Hannah did not merely ask the Lord for help, she placed all her hope and trust in Him, knowing that only God could grant her a miracle.

Because she changed her attitude and placed her entire trust in the Lord, she got more than she requested. She was blessed with a son who became a unique leader. He was instrumental in anointing David as king over Israel whose dynasty will reign forever.

I encouraged us to lift our spirit and direct our hearts to the only Source that can answer our dilemma. Bang down the door if you must but don’t stop until He answers. 



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